Things your exhibition stand designer needs to know

11 January 2012

Seven things your exhibition designer needs to know

When you are getting ready to prepare a brief you may need to think about the following points, these are things you will need to tell you exhibition stand designer.

1. Date, name and location of the exhibition you are attending.

This might seem obvious, but it's really important. Your designer needs to know how much time he or she has. And if the exhibition is taking place abroad, or far from your location, you'll require specialised transport to ensure your stand gets to the venue intact. The company building your stand may also provide transport, this is part of the service when working with Astro Exhibitions.

2. The size of your pitch within the venue

Let your designer know how much room he or she has to play with. Can you afford to go all out with a massive project, or is a more modest design better? You'll probably have been given some exhibitor guidelines, so let your designer have a copy of these too.

3. Why you're exhibiting

The design of your stand depends on what you want it to achieve, so you need to be sure that your designer is as clear on the objectives as you are. For example, if you want to meet new clients, you might want a separate area for meetings/discussions, whereas if you're showing off a new product, you'll probably need display stands or shelving.

4. Your budget

Again, an obvious one, but again, important. Pick a budget and stick to it, otherwise your design might run away with you!

5. Your brand

You know your brand better than anyone, so make sure that you tell your designer everything you think they need to know. Give him or her examples of straplines, logos, colour schemes, advertising materials, and so on.

6. Your target audience

Make sure your designer knows who you are aiming to target with your exhibition stand. If you're exhibiting in the automotive industry, for example, your design is going to be quite different to a company in the beauty industry. You know your audience better than anyone, so pass that expertise on to your stand designer.

7. Whether you have any specific technical or design requirements

Depending on the event, your aims, and your target audience, you may have particular technical requirements. For example, you'll need to let your designer know if you need internet access, or AV equipment, or display units for products or literature.

The location of your stand within the exhibition hall will also have a bearing on its design. You may need it to be open on one, two, three, or all, sides to make the best use of traffic flow. Let your designer know where you're going to be exhibiting; ideally, provide him or her with a map of the exhibition hall if possible.

Remember, exhibition stand design is a highly specialised area. If you want to get the best out of your stand and of the exhibition itself, then you need to choose an experienced designer to handle the project and create a stand that will stop people in their tracks!



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