Preparing an exhibition brief

18 July 2012

Things to think about when preparing a brief.

Once you have found a company that you would like to present your brief to and receive a design from, make sure that you provide them with the following information.

  1. Exhibition name and venue
  2. Copy of the floor plan and your stand size and stand number
  3. Copy of the exhibitor manual or log in details
  4. Company information/logos with pantone and typefaces for logos.
  5. Do you have any product or machinery that will need to be considered during the design process?
  6. Deadline- how quickly do you need to see a design and quote? You should allow a minimum of two week's to get a 1st draft design and quote.
  7. Budget- this is very important when creating a design. It is impossible for a company to create a design without knowing how much you have to spend. It is like asking an architect to design a house without giving them a budget!


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