Apprenticeship opportunity for young people

07 June 2013



We have recently been contacting local schools to offer the opportunity of local joinery apprenticeships. We are a local company working in an international setting and employ a workforce from the local area. We recognise the need for local employment and the importance of building a local workforce and are always looking for ways to invest in local jobs. We have had an enthusiastic response from Chapel school who are providing us with 2 apprentices for a week trial in July with a view to starting with us part time in late August/September.

Astro Exhibitions Managing Director: Andy Oakes commented "I believe in this current climate that companies like ours should be investing in young local people and aiding them to develop skills for the future. I am very pleased that we have recruited two apprentices that can take advantage of what, in my opinion, is a great opportunity for them. We hope we are setting a trend, particularly within the exhibition industry and hope that we can carry on this scheme for years to come"

Derbyshire County Council are currently running a youth employment initiative scheme and offering an AGE Grant to encourage apprenticeships in the local community. To find out more you can visit



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