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Exhibition Transport Services

At Astro, we understand the importance of control when it comes to transporting your exhibition stand, which is why we offer our own exhibition transport services. You may have the best designed stand with build quality to match but if it is not delivered to site on time then you might as well have not started the process.

Taking full control of an exhibition stand's transportation and logistics from start to finish means that we do not have to rely on others to care as much about your stand as we do. Very often the largest and most expensive display stands are handed over to haulage contractors to take to the exhibition. At Astro we believe that all stands, especially the largest ones, should be delivered by us, meaning that your stand is never outside our control.

More importantly, it means that you can be assured that your stand will be at the venue on time, every time.

Our exhibition transport services fleet

Purchasing our own tractor unit and employing our own drivers means that we never let your display stand out of our sight! Our transport services consist of two 40ft trailers with rigid sides, one long wheeled based transit van and  one small Vauxhall van. We have two full time drivers for the wagons.

We can transport anything from small components and equipment to a full exhibition display stand. Find out more about our other exhibition stand services or contact us for more info.

Exhibition transport service
Exhibition transport serviceExhibition Transport Service  
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