Astro Exhibition News

International Client's take Astro to pastures new!

13 January 2011

After dipping our toes into the international pool of potential client's Astro have made two wins to build exhibition stands at Euroshop 2011.

Astro will be designing and building an exhibition stand for Colourful Mannequins based in China and also building a stand for Outform Ltd based in Israel.

Below is an example of the final design visual for Colourful Mannequins.


Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator, Jane Atkinson gives her thoughts on gaining two new client's for the Euroshop show.

"We are excited to be presented with a fresh challenge as we have not built at the Euroshop show before. With one of the client's being based in China continuous communication has been the key to building a trusting working relationship, this has led to an efficient planning process, especially as we have never met the client's face to face. Building at the show with two new client's is an excellent opportunity for Astro Exhibitions and I am looking forward to seeing the finished stands at the show."


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