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Benefits of Pre Build

06 January 2011

Astro Exhibitions pre build stands before the show wherever possible.

The main benefits of doing this are:

Client Visits - Client's can get a good idea of how the finished product will look, they can make comments on parts they would like to change giving plenty of time to implement them before the show begins.

Client Confidence - Viewing the stand before the show inspires client confidence in Astro Exhibitions. Client's can see a work in progress and visualise the capabilities of Astro Exhibitions.

Corrections - Pre building the stand components gives the opportunity to correct mistakes early on in the build process, this means on-site problems are significantly reduced.

Time scales - Pre building gives the on-site crew an idea of how long it will take to construct the stand on site. This leads to more efficient and effective building at the show.

The stand pictured below is for Casio Electronics at BETT, Jan 2011.


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