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Astro Exhibitions Sponsor Local Rock Band: Stolen Peace

09 December 2010

Astro Exhibitions are sponsoring local band Stolen Peace. They are due to launch the release of debut album 'Bones' next Spring.

Martin Byrne, Manager of Stolen Peace has thanked Astro for the support..........

'Bands trying to compete with major label budgets rely on support and sponsorship from local businesses. Mission management and Stolen Peace are extremely grateful to Astro Exhibitions for all their support. We're looking forward to the single and album releases on the 14th March 2011 and 21st March 2011 respectively and would like to thank the whole Astro team for their belief in the project and having the business sense to support us from the beginning knowing their investment will pay back in spades in the future'.

For more information on the band and upcoming gigs please visit:



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