Tips on getting noticed at an exhibition

08 February 2012


 Just being at an exhibition does not guarantee that you will get noticed. Even though we are in the business of designing and building exhibition stands we have to admit that an attractive stand will not necessarily bring the visitors on.

 More and more exhibitors are coming to appreciate the benefits of doing more than just putting up a stand and waiting. Stands need more than walls, colourful images and a bowl of sweets to bring on prospects.

 Increased use of fabrics to cover entire walls allows messaging to be more direct and create maximum impact. The wall acts more like a bill board designed to stop you in your tracks or at least make you think. equipment like iTabs and iPads of varyings sizes are also popular with visitors as the fascination with touch screen technology does not seem to be wearing off. 

 Making a noise is a well proven way of attracting attention - even babies know that! On an exhibition stand the right noise will do the same. Maybe it is music, preferably live, product demonstrations imaginatively presented will also draw a crowd and the sound is directional. This means that visitors have to go to the sound to get the presentation overcoming the problem created by sound that can be just thrown out of the stand in all directions which irritates both visitors and exhibitors alike.

 So by all means make sure you get a well designed stand but don't miss the other opportunities to get your message across that your stand offers.

 If you would like any advice on exhibiting or a quote for an exhibition stand please contact us.


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