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Exhibition Stand Storage Service

In many cases it is not cost effective to have a new stand every time you attend an exhibition or event. And using the same stand can help maintain your brand consistency. But you are left with the issue of storing your stand once the event is over.

Astro Exhibitions take care of the preparation for the show, the build up and pull down, but we also have the facility to safely store your exhibition stand or stand components when the exhibition is over.

So why not take advantage of our exhibition storage service and know that the investment you have made in your stand will be safe until the next time you wish to use it?

Storing your exhibition stand safely between shows

We offer onsite storage in secure containers. Your dismantled stand will be carefully wrapped and packed into these containers, where it will be kept clean, dry and safe until you need it again.

We can also store all your literature, equipment and materials for you, allowing you to save space at your premises, and our costs are competitive and dependent upon the size of your stand and the amount of storage required. 

All stands are fully insured whilst in storage.

If you are interested in our exhibition stand storage service, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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